Passion & Time

by John Black



This song was originally intended to be released in the winter of 2013 as part of a full studio album; however, the album was scrapped and only a few songs survived, including "Six Lovers Deep." In the spring of 2016, a full 3 years later, I decided it would be fun to have friends do various parts peace mail and do the song 100% digitally, so we took the original demo of the recording recorded by Mike Kalajian at Telegraph Recording in 2013 and picked it back up again at Creepy Closet Studios with the help of Benito Loria in The Bronx to do guitars, finally wrapping up with Jeff Kimball's home recorded piano. The result is a bit crude, sure, but this was a fun project.


Lay down, darling. Rest your head.
There's nothing now, just us in this bed.
Forget your troubles, clear your mind,
leave all those old worries behind.
A silent rescue from terrors past.
Just lay with me here, that's all I ask.

I have since found a comfort in knowing that I'm not all alone.

Slow your breathing, shed your skin,
hold tighter now, let me breathe you in.
I can feel your heartbeat sync up with mine;
they race together as we intertwine.
As we move each other, our worlds collide,
and we lose ourselves in passion and time.

I have since found a comfort in knowing that I'm not all alone.

Now we lay together, side by side,
but your thoughts are elsewhere; something's not right.
I can see the distance in your eyes
and when I look at you, I know he's on your mind.
So we'll lie to ourselves, pretend we're fine,
but in reality, I know we're just killing time.

I have since found a comfort in knowing that I'm all alone.


released November 29, 2016
Lyrics and music by John Black.
Recorded at Telegraph Recording in Poughkeepsie, NY and Creepy Closet Studios in The Bronx, NY
Drums & Bass by Mike Kalajian
Guitars by John Black
Piano by Jeff Kimball

Special thanks to Benito Loria, Mike Kalajian, and Jeff Kimball for their contributions to this project.


all rights reserved



John Black New York, New York

JOHN BLACK originally hails from NYC. Formerly the frontman of the powerhouses MAKESHIFT LULLABY and SARAH'S REDEMPTION, he began to release music under his solo moniker in 2015 hoping to branch out. His music has been described as a haunting blend of ambient pop with definitive rock influences and intelligent, catchy lyrics and choruses. ... more

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